Nexus Flat Roof System

Bringing light into living with our Flat Rooflight System designed with you in mind. Creating a light and airy space into every corner of your home via our elegant and aesthetically pleasing rooflight.

No home is complete without a free-flowing stream of natural light to help brighten up even the darkest day. Flood the space below with natural light all year round, creating a contemporary living space complimenting and adding value to your home.

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Walk on glass option available

  • Ventilation – fully concealed chain drive actuators 24v or 230v
  • Egress – operated by gas springs and espagnolet locking system
  • Stepped edge units used to reduce glass breakage due to thermal fracture
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Minimal glazing bars to maximise natural light
  • Factory finished, fully watertight product with a high-quality elegant appeal
  • Narrow sightlines providing a look of a frameless system from the inside
  • Dual colour powder coating available


  • Only the PVC cassette needs to be replaced if glass is broken – not the complete unit
  • System can be built bespoke to the size of the glass
  • Enhances the living environment with natural light
  • Made to measure
  • Bespoke service
  • Low profile
  • Secure
  • Thermally efficient
  • Easily assembled onsite, easily transportable
lantern roof

Fixed (standard or walk-on)

Perfect for any home or office allowing natural light to flow freely throughout the building through the roof. Fully thermally efficient and secure it is the perfect way to create a pleasant environment in which to work, rest or play. Standard or walk-on options available.

lantern roof


Designed to allow a source of ventilation into your home. Our Ventilation version opens up to 360mm to enable air to filter into any room using fully concealed chain drive actuators to create an airy and light living space. .

lantern roof


Ideal for any office, school or hotel that may require an alternative means of egress for maintenance purposes. With built in gas springs and espagnolet locking, the rooflight is designed to open up to a 70 degree angle allowing access to the rooftop if required.

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